Puppy Co-ordinator:
Sheila Rolland

If you are looking for a puppy or have puppies for sale, please contact Sheila.

Alternatively, have a look at this web site https://www.dandiedinmont.net/puppies.html  (This is a link to an independent site and the club has no jurisdiction over its content)


Dandies are Delightful Dogs

D is for – Dignified known as the ‘gentle- man’ of terriers.

A is for – Affectionate, a great family pet who always gives a warm welcome.

N is for – Nice size, neither too big nor too small.

D is for – Determined and persistent and a bit deaf when it suits him.

I is for – Intelligent and charming, he can wind you round his paw with one look.

E is for – Eyes you could drown in. They can see into your heart and soul.