Grooming Tools

There is a very wide variety of grooming tools available but as a minimum to groom your Dandie you will need

  1. A bristle brush
  2. A comb (dont go for the cheapest as they can have sharp edges and break the coat – A fine/coarse buttercomb or greyhound comb is ideal
  3. A slicker brush
  4. Thinning scissors
  5. Straight scissors
  6. A red (fine) stripping knife (this should be made blunt by dragging it across an old bit of carpet or piece of wood.  It is sharp when new and can cut the coat rather than pulling it out
  7. If you have a Dandie with a very thick undercoat you can use a Furminator but do only a small amount at a time and gently, otherwise you could end up with a bald dog!
  8. To give you a better grip for hand  stripping you can wear throwaway thin surgical rubber gloves or a rubber fingerstall