About The Club


…..Mr A. H. Salisbury felt strongly that there should be a second
Dandie Dinmont Club “for the good of the breed”

An AGM followed by a Committee meeting was convened for the
1th April 1929 at the Kensington Show held at the Crystal Palace.

Fourteen members attended with Mr Salisbury as the Chair, Mrs Lee
Gordon was elected Hon. Secretary and Mrs Wolsley Hon. Treasurer.
The Secretary reported that an application had been made to the
Kennel Club for Registration of Title, a list of judges was drawn-up
and the following elected:
Messrs. Holgate, Potterton, Dalgish, F. Butler, Irwin Scott, Hollan
Buckley, A. H. Lindsay, S. Graham, Mrs Salisbury, Hon. Mrs McDonell,
Mrs Gordon, The Misses A.D. Frances, C.M. Dickson and Gossett.

The second AGM again took place at the Crystal Palace on 9th October
1929 and was followed by a Committee meeting where Mrs Wolsley
offered to give a cup to be known as the Burpham Jock Cup (still on
the Club’s cup list!). Three new judges were added to the judging list…..

In 1930 a Committee meeting was held at Crufts and it was agreed to
have a Club Show if the Airedale Club would join, which was
unacceptable. A Club Book was now an accomplished fact and Mesdames
Salisbury, Gordon and Hon. Mrs McDonell were aked to write articles…..

No AGMs were held between October 1938 and October 1946, however a
Committee meeting took place in December 1945. A special meeting was
called in 1947 to discuss the breed standard which both Clubs needed to
adhere to. More judges were added to the list…..

Today, the Club holds its AGM in April which coincides with its annual
Open Show. The meeting and Show take place in the picturesque little
town of Cricklade in north Wiltshire, midway between Swindon and
Cirencester. The Club also publishes an annual Club Book – Dandie
Lines – which enjoys immense popularity with all Dandie enthusiasts.

Extract from the ‘Jubilee Edition of Dandie Lines 1979’