New regulations from 1 October 2018 for those breeding three or more litters per year   breeding-regulations-faq

Kennel Club Amendment To Definition of Limit Classes at Championship Breed Shows from 1 January 2018

June 2017

Conformation and Movement Resource Now Available on the Kennel Club Academy

The Kennel Club has just launched the new Conformation and Movement resource.  The resource acts as pre-learning and aims to complement the delivery of seminars by Accredited Trainers and to enhance judges’ educational experience. The resource is divided into seven easy-to-follow chapters and users will be able to access it at their own time and convenience, as many times as they wish.

Summary of chapters included within the Conformation and Movement series:

  1. Introduction: A general overview of what is covered in the film course series including the importance of breed standards
  2. Application of the points of the dog and anatomy: This chapter looks at how we use the points of the dog to assess conformation and movement, and introduce variations in conformation and movement.
  3. Conformation: This chapter looks at the overall appearance of a dog, discussing; the three types of balance, the relationship between conformation on movement, and the importance of conformation and movement and breed type.
  4. Form and Function and breed purpose: This chapter looks at the original purpose of the breed and provides a more detailed view of the relationship and importance of conformation and movement and breed type
  5. Movement: An in-depth view of what to look for in the front and hind action, and the variations thereof.
  6. Judging: This chapter discusses; how to go over a dog and assess conformation and movement in the ring, what you’re looking for and handy tips.
  7. Reflection: Includes a summary of all the chapters and emphasises the salient points covered.

All Breed Show Mandatory Judges Education seminars now have pre-seminar learning on the Academy covering the Points of the Dog Assessments, the Conformation and Movement Series, Kennel Club Requirements of a Dog Show Judge and the Regulations and Judging Procedures Examination, and Ring Stewarding and further provides access to supporting documents such as the Code of Best Practice for Judges (including the guide for Judges and Ring Stewards).

The Kennel Club Academy costs just £26 for one year’s access to all of the Judges Education resources, including new resources which we will continue to add over the next 12 months. Other resources that you may wish to access include the Ring Procedures at Licenced Shows (German Shepherd Dog Education Programme), Brachycephalic Breeds Health and Research, and the Breeder Education resource, all of which are free of charge.


April 2017


1 March 2017

The Kennel Club, as part of their Assured Breeders Scheme has introduced breed specific requirements and specifications.   The updates include a recommendation that, where relevant, any dog having a gonioscopy test for predisposition to glaucoma should be tested every three years, in line with latest British Veterinary Association guidelines.

November 2016

The Dandie Dinmont Breed Council no longer exists.  However, The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club and the Southern Dandie Dinmont Club are now working together to produce a combined Judges’ List for the two Clubs.

Therefore,  please send in your up-to-date Judges CVs to Margaret Russell ( / so that these can be passed to the Judges’ Panel.

In addition, if you are currently on various lists could you please confirm your contact details as unfortunately a few are listed incorrectly.  Thank you!

6 April 2016

Changes to UK law regarding microchipping of puppies.   Notice issued by the Kennel Club