We have been informed by the government, that the UK will have ‘Part 2’ listed status for pets traveling to the EU after 01/01/2021.
What this means is that all existing UK Pet Passports (see the attached photo) will no longer be valid for travel from 01/01/2021. We hope this message will be read by anyone holding such a passport, but please forward this information on to anyone you know who has such a document so they can be prepared.
From 2300 GMT on 31/12/20 any pet traveling to the EU from the UK will need to be issued with an ‘Animal Health Certificate’ (AHC) by your vet.
The vital things to know about the AHC is that they are ONLY valid for:
• 10 days after the date of issue for entry into the EU – i.e. they cannot be issued to you more than 10 days before you travel
• A single trip for entry to the EU – they cannot be reused
• Onward travel within the EU for 4 months after the date of issue
• Re-entry to GB for 4 months after the date of issue.
Unfortunately, veterinary surgeons are not permitted to issue any AHCs until after 22/12/2020.
These AHC are issued as bilingual documents; you will only be able to enter the EU if you hold the correct document for the country you first arrive in. Thus pet owners cannot change their country entry point into the EU once the AHC is completed, otherwise a new AHC would need to be issued.
In addition, as these are large, 10 page, documents that will require a considerable time to complete, and can only be filled by certified veterinary surgeons, it is likely all veterinary practices will be very limited in the number that can be completed prior to 01/01/2021.
This means there may be delays in the issuing of such documents by veterinary practices, and we thank our clients in advance for their patience with this process at this extremely challenging time.
Finally, it should be noted that animals younger than 12 weeks of age are no longer permitted to be exported, and that travel is not permitted until 21 days after Rabies vaccination.
We would encourage all clients to go to the approved UK Government site for the most up-to-date information:
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September 2019

e-Petition: Do not implement licensing for show dogs, cats and shown horses
The Welsh Government is currently consulting on new Regulations regarding Animal Exhibits which includes a proposal that anyone exhibiting (showing) a dog or cat (or other pet species) in Wales will need to be licensed and inspected. Thousands of dogs and cats and horses come to Wales every year to be shown so such a licensing scheme is not only impractical and unnecessary it will actually have an impact upon Wales’ economy. Dogs (registered with the Kennel Club) cats (registered with the governing Council of the Cat Fancy) or horses shown in hand and under saddle should be exempt from registration. We ask that the Welsh Government to ‘add the keeping of dogs, cats and horses engaged in competitive events’ to Regulation 3(4) which lists a number of exempted activities that are proposed should not be subject to the proposed licensing scheme.
Thousands of people in Wales show their dogs but more importantly many more thousands of exhibitors regularly come to Wales from all over the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to compete at shows held in the Principality. Figures are not available for cats or horses but there are two major championship shows which between them attract over 11,000 dogs and over 200 open shows each year attracting hundreds at everyone. The owners of these dogs based outside Wales not be licensed so will simply not be able to attend.

To sign the petition click here


New regulations from 1 October 2018 for those breeding three or more litters per year   breeding-regulations-faq

Kennel Club Amendment To Definition of Limit Classes at Championship Breed Shows from 1 January 2018

June 2017

Conformation and Movement Resource Now Available on the Kennel Club Academy

The Kennel Club has just launched the new Conformation and Movement resource.  The resource acts as pre-learning and aims to complement the delivery of seminars by Accredited Trainers and to enhance judges’ educational experience. The resource is divided into seven easy-to-follow chapters and users will be able to access it at their own time and convenience, as many times as they wish.

Summary of chapters included within the Conformation and Movement series:

  1. Introduction: A general overview of what is covered in the film course series including the importance of breed standards
  2. Application of the points of the dog and anatomy: This chapter looks at how we use the points of the dog to assess conformation and movement, and introduce variations in conformation and movement.
  3. Conformation: This chapter looks at the overall appearance of a dog, discussing; the three types of balance, the relationship between conformation on movement, and the importance of conformation and movement and breed type.
  4. Form and Function and breed purpose: This chapter looks at the original purpose of the breed and provides a more detailed view of the relationship and importance of conformation and movement and breed type
  5. Movement: An in-depth view of what to look for in the front and hind action, and the variations thereof.
  6. Judging: This chapter discusses; how to go over a dog and assess conformation and movement in the ring, what you’re looking for and handy tips.
  7. Reflection: Includes a summary of all the chapters and emphasises the salient points covered.

All Breed Show Mandatory Judges Education seminars now have pre-seminar learning on the Academy covering the Points of the Dog Assessments, the Conformation and Movement Series, Kennel Club Requirements of a Dog Show Judge and the Regulations and Judging Procedures Examination, and Ring Stewarding and further provides access to supporting documents such as the Code of Best Practice for Judges (including the guide for Judges and Ring Stewards).

The Kennel Club Academy costs just £26 for one year’s access to all of the Judges Education resources, including new resources which we will continue to add over the next 12 months. Other resources that you may wish to access include the Ring Procedures at Licenced Shows (German Shepherd Dog Education Programme), Brachycephalic Breeds Health and Research, and the Breeder Education resource, all of which are free of charge.


April 2017


1 March 2017

The Kennel Club, as part of their Assured Breeders Scheme has introduced breed specific requirements and specifications.   The updates include a recommendation that, where relevant, any dog having a gonioscopy test for predisposition to glaucoma should be tested every three years, in line with latest British Veterinary Association guidelines.

November 2016

The Dandie Dinmont Breed Council no longer exists.  However, The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club and the Southern Dandie Dinmont Club are now working together to produce a combined Judges’ List for the two Clubs.

Therefore,  please send in your up-to-date Judges CVs to Margaret Russell ( / so that these can be passed to the Judges’ Panel.

In addition, if you are currently on various lists could you please confirm your contact details as unfortunately a few are listed incorrectly.  Thank you!

6 April 2016

Changes to UK law regarding microchipping of puppies.   Notice issued by the Kennel Club