SDDTC Open Show 2022

Chieveley Village Hall, 10th April 2022. Judge: Mrs Ali Cox-Purcell (Puddockswell).

My thanks to the committee and officers of the Southern DDTC for asking me to judge and to all the exhibitors who supported the show and brought their Dandies. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, such a relaxed, friendly, atmosphere in a super venue.

I was delighted to have a very nice selection of Dandies to go over on the day and to see that on the whole the quality was good, no major faults and all nicely presented. Puppies and Juniors were thin on the ground sadly but at the other end of the scale I was thrilled with the lovely Veterans on the day.
Many thanks to Laura Sleight and Mary Drake for stewarding so efficiently and to Paul Keevil for doing a very professional job as chief announcer!

Congratulations to the Southern club's committee for organising such a welcoming, well organised show.

Best Dog Tinsley's Cloverwood Black Jack
Best Bitch & BIS Tinsley's Cloverwood The One And Only
Best Puppy Tinsley's Cloverwood Black Jack
Best Veteran Buckley's Ch. German Dandies' Violetta

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Black Jack
Mature 7 month old Pepper male. Lovely expression and kind eye, excellent head proportions, nice big teeth. Well laid shoulders, correct topline, well set tail and good hind angulation. Great bone and substance. Very nice coat for such a young boy and ample furnishings. Good movement fore and aft, started a little unsure but when he moved out he showed great drive behind and moved freely in front. An impressive eyeful of a puppy with a promising future. Best Puppy & Best Dog.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Rayner's Reidswire Border Battlecry to Rubegud
6yr old Pepper male. Attractive head with good skull and dark eye, lovely thin ears. Well muscled. Nice crisp coat, moved well both ways.

Open Dog 1st: France's Ch./Int Ch. Back To My Roots at Luna Caprese with Torbrae
4yr old Pepper male. Attractive masculine boy with super head, large teeth with correct bite, good depth of chest. Coat of correct texture and well presented with ample furnishings. Well muscled hind quarters. Lost out to Minor Puppy in movement for Best Dog
2nd: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt
6yr old Pepper Dog. Attractive dog overall, pleasing head with good expression, good skull with nice low set thin ears. Good tail set and well muscled hind quarters, movement erratic.

Veteran Dog 1st: Keevil-Bullock & Keevil's Yazga Love The One You're With
14yrs old. What a lovely ‘old boy’ happy disposition, kind expression, lovely temperament. Nice broad head with beautiful clean strong teeth. Overall in super bodily condition, well muscled hind quarters. It was lovely to see such a healthy, happy veteran in such great form.

Junior Bitch 1st: Buckley's Jollygaze Quizzical for Lovelettie
13 month old Mustard Bitch. Beautiful feminine bitch, skull of good proportions with nicely low set ears. Correct dentition. Good neck and well set shoulders, well ribbed, good topline. Nice crisp pencilled coat. Moved well both fore and aft. A very pleasing young bitch overall.
2nd: Turner-Tarr's Redgreet Mary Buttercup
18 month old Pepper Bitch. Nicely presented youngster, good big teeth, dark eye, correct coat texture, adequate furnishings. Moved well with rear drive.
3rd: Jenkins's Diddimont Patronas Charm

Novice Bitch 1st: Turner-Tarr's Redgreet Mary Buttercup
2nd: Jenkins's Diddimont Patronas Charm
2yrs 5 months Mustard Bitch. Attractive young bitch, fine lighter boned sort, nice dark eye, good dentition, head in proportion. Nice crisp jacket with adequate furnishings.
Hind movement difficult to assess as unbalanced on the day.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: McGuinness's Diamondandie Blue Sapphire
3yrs 5 months. Attractive, feminine, mustard bitch with a typical expression. Good dark eye and head proportions correct, nice big teeth with correct bite. Lovely thin ears, well laid back shoulders and well padded feet. Crisp, correct jacket. Well sprung ribs. Moved well both ways keeping her topline on the move.
2nd: Jackman's Dryfevalley Golden Lullaby at Carnkie
5yr old Mustard Bitch. Pretty, feminine bitch, well set low ears, good dark eye. Good big teeth with correct bite. Nice crisp jacket with good furnishings, well muscled, moved ok.
3rd: Bainbridge's Lairdship Labour Of Love

Limit Bitch 1st: Allenby's Wilmit Mildred Potter for Diddimont
Feminine Mustard Bitch, well presented. Good skull proportions, kind large eye, large teeth and good bite. Crisp coat. Good body length and tail set. Moved ok in front, hind movement unbalanced. Well handled.

Open Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood The One And Only
2yrs 3 months Pepper Bitch. Striking, feminine bitch with good bone and substance without being coarse. Ample skull with good proportions, dark eyes with a melting expression. Well set low ears, nice large teeth, scissor bite. Nicely padded feet. Well laid back shoulders, well developed chest with good spring of rib. Correct topline which she held on the move. Well positioned tail set. Good well muscled hindquarters with super stifle angulation giving her movement purpose and drive from behind and a free, fluid stride in front. Beautifully presented in correct coat with crisp texture, ample furnishings. Overall an excellent representation of the breed.
2nd: France's Ch. Miss Sophie di Luna Caprese at Torbrae
5yrs Mustard Bitch. Another very attractive eye catching feminine bitch. Super head, good eye and soft, melting expression. Head proportions correct, good neck and front, well sprung ribs. Good topline and tail set, very well presented jacket of correct texture. Movement fore and aft not as good today as 1. But never the less a lovely bitch.
3rd: Allenby's Ch. Diddimont Luna Wuffgood
Res: Bainbridge's Ceilmear's White Star Beauty

Veteran Bitch 1st: Buckley's Ch. German Dandies' Violetta
7yrs Mustard Bitch. Very pretty, well made feminine bitch with lovely dark eyes and good skull. Super crisp coat, well presented. Well muscled and fit, she moved out well and freely.
2nd: Keevil-Bullock & Keevil's Yazga Lady Of The Island
8yr old Pepper. Lovely bitch with good head, nice dark eye. Good shoulder and generally a nice shape with good tailset. Crisp jacket of good length. Moved well both ways.