Welcome to the Southern Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club

Our club is based in the UK, but we are open to members from all over the world. Our aims are to provide useful information for current and future owners of this lovely breed, to share valuable resources, news and pictures, and to keep our members updated about events. We are also on hand if you need any advice.

The breed

The Dandie Dinmont is an adorable terrier breed with short legs, a long weaselly body, a mustard or pepper colour coat, a large head with topknot, long ears with silky tassels and expressive eyes.

They are hunters at heart, with a mind of their own. Although not as excitable as other terriers, they do need to be exercised and stimulated on a daily basis, and it’s best to be assertive with them.

Dandie Dinmonts are good-natured, affectionate and eager to please their owners. They get on well with people, are gentle with children and, if introduced properly, sociable with other pets including cats – making them a great choice to welcome into your home.

Club history

The world’s first canine club – The Kennel Club – was founded in London in 1873 with the aim of having a consistent set of rules for dog showing and field trials, and making a real difference to the welfare of dogs.

Just two years later, Dandie enthusiasts formed their own breed-specific club – The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club – in Selkirk, Scotland. Mr A. H. Salisbury, our founding member, felt that “for the good of the breed”, there should be a second club, and so the Southern Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club was formed in London in 1929.

The current Caledonian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club was formed in 1987, which means there are now three UK-based clubs dedicated to this special breed.

We might be members of different clubs, but we are really just one big community, attending each other’s events and supporting one another – and not just in the UK but worldwide.