The Dandie tartan

Dandie Dinmont Terriers are unique in so many ways, not least that they have their very own tartan.

2013 was a worrying time for the Dandie world as only 316 puppies were born that year globally.

In February 2015, 75 breed enthusiasts from eight different nations got together – along with 50 rare and endangered Dandie Dinmont Terriers – at a three-day event in the Borders. One aim was to celebrate the breed’s heritage and honour the 200th anniversary of Guy Mannering – the novel written by Sir Walter Scott which gave the Dandies their distinctive name. Another important focus of the event was discussing ways to protect this vulnerable breed and raise awareness of the critical situation with regard to its future.

One of the outcomes of that gathering was that Chief of Clan Scott – Richard Scott, the 10th Duke of Buccleuch – gave his blessing for the black and white tartan that Sir Walter Scott wore privately at home in Abbotsford, to become the breed’s ‘official’ tartan.

The Duke not only made the Dandie Dinmont the only breed of dog to have its very own, Clan Chief-approved tartan, he also gave his blessing for Dandie owners and enthusiasts to wear the black and white tartan.

Scotch Tweed of Selkirk was then appointed the sole recommended supplier to provide Dandie lovers with the authentic Scott Private Tartan. The family-run company launched the Dandie Dinmont 200 Collection, which includes a range of high-quality woven cloth accessories, including dog coats, collars and leads, shawls, scarves and capes, blankets, bags and even a grooming apron. This makes the Dandie Dinmont the only breed of dog with its very own fashion brand.