Can Dandies live in harmony with other pets?

A Dandie can live quite happily alongside cats, rabbits and even chickens, provided the dog has been properly introduced to the other pets as a puppy. As they’re generally rather sociable, Dandies tend to get on well with other dogs and do not actively look for trouble

What are Dandies like with children?

Dandies are excellent around children and usually develop a strong bond with the younger members of the family. A more important question is: What are your children like with dogs?

Does this breed need a lot of exercise?

Dandies quickly adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. They will be as happy on long walks in the countryside as they are taking a quick trip around the block. They also make great couch potatoes and love human company

Are Dandies a healthy breed?

A Dandie will be as healthy as any other well-bred pedigree dog. The average life expectancy is 12–14 years, with many dogs living to 15 or 16. There are no confirmed hereditary illnesses but responsible breeders will test both dam and sire for primary glaucoma.

Are Dandies noisy?

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is not a ‘yappy’ breed. They don’t tend to bark a lot if they’re the only pet. They do, however, have an amazingly deep and loud bark (particularly the males), which can make them a deceptively good guard dog.

Are Dandie puppies hard to find?

Luckily there are dedicated Dandie breeders who are committed to the long-term future of the breed. Dogs are usually easier to find than bitches. You may have to join a waiting list, so it pays to begin your search early and be prepared for a rigorous interview. It will all be worth it though – once a Dandie enters your life, they will touch your heart like no other ‘ordinary’ dog.

Does this breed need a lot of grooming?

Like most double-coated breeds, Dandies should be brushed daily. If you prefer your four-legged friend to look smart, a professional groom three to four times a year is a good idea (please visit our Grooming page for more information)

Do Dandies moult?

NO. A Dandie’s coat does not shed, which makes them a suitable pet for some allergy sufferers.

Can Dandies be let off the lead?

They can be let off the lead if properly trained from an early age, but caution is advised as they do retain their hunting instincts.