Puppies & rescues

Dandie Dinmont Terriers have been an endangered breed for quite some time, so Dandie puppies are quite rare and – not surprisingly – there is a waiting list.

If you’re looking for a puppy or have puppies for sale, please contact Sheila Rolland, our Puppy Co-ordinator, letting her know where you’re based, what you’re looking for and your ideal timescales.

Sheila Rolland
Tel: 07887 541 947
Email: sheila@dandiroyal.co.uk

Please contact Glen Tinsley, our Rescue & Rehome Co-ordinator, if you’re looking for a rescue Dandie or need help with rehoming.

Glen Tinsley
Tel: 01823 664 183
Email: joantinsley@aol.com

The following websites might also be helpful with your search for a puppy or a rescue:

Just like with all other breeds, a Dandie is not just for Christmas! We strongly recommend that you reflect on whether you are really ready for a dog before welcoming one into your home. You should also do some research on what type of dog would best suit your lifestyle. And, once you’re sure you can commit to a new family member, you should prepare for the process of buying a dog.

Puppy and rescue dogs